This Weekend

November 16, 2006

If you are going to be in St. Louis this weekend, you are going to have some great local music options.

Riddle of Steel

On Friday night at Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room, you can catch a free and wonderfully unexpected billing including post-punk guitar gods Riddle of Steel playing alongside three hip hop acts, including CunningLynguists, Midwest Avengers and Blackspade.

Gentleman Auction House

Then, on Saturday night, you can head out to http://www.offbroadwaystl.com”>Off Broadway to catch Dividing By Zero favorites Gentleman Auction House play with St. Louis’ own Jon Hardy & the Public and Champaign, IL-based Headlights. I saw the Headlights a few months back. Here’s what I had to say about that show:

“The most obvious musical reference would be Grandaddy, with less fuzzy
distortion. The songs were sung by both the dude guitar player and the chick
keyboard player. The chick had a great, great, voice. Breathy like Bjork, but
not quite. It fit with the music very well. They would go from keyboard-heavy
ambient moments right into bright and poppy indie rock songs. The bass player
also played keyboards and would occasionally whip out an acocrdian. I liked

Jon Hardy & the Public play straight-ahead rock that bleeds Midwest and Rock. Think The Replacements, Marah, or Neil Young. They’re good, too. Real good. Check out the magnificent song “The Flood”, available in convenient mp3 format, below…

Magnolia Summer

OR you could go see Magnolia Summer play at Lucas School House on Saturday night with Glossary and the Dirty 30s, three bands that all put on great shows.

Riddle of Steel – Our Guitars Are Haunted (via yousendit)
Riddle of Steel – The Gaping Jaw (via yousendit)
Gentleman Auction House – Everyone Has Taken Their Hat Off But You (via yousendit)
Jon Hardy & The Public – The Flood
Jon Hardy & the Public – Okay, Alright (Like You Say)
Jon Hardy & The Public – Lost in San Quentin
Headlights – TV
Headlights – Tokyo
Magnolia Summer – Once In A While
Glossary – Headstones and Dead Leaves

Bonus: new Of Montreal…
Of Montreal – Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse


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