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November 28, 2005

I like mayo. I really dislike mustard. I love ketchup. As a matter of fact, I put ketchup on my hotdogs instead of mustard. What do you think of that? As a kid, I would put ketchup on white bread and eat it just like that.


11/15/05 Playlist

November 16, 2005

Here is the playlist for Dividing by Zero Will Get You Nowhere on November 15, 2005. I did a 90 minute show that night, covering part of the show before me. 90 minutes really is my ideal length of a show. Two hours is a little tiring and with only one hour, I am hesitant to play more than one or two 5+ minute songs. With a 90 minute show, I am much more likely to play a few longer songs.

  • The Clientele – My Own Face Inside the Trees – Strange Geometry
  • Drums + Tuba – Four Notes ofApril – Battles Ole
  • Danger Doom – Sofa King – SofaKing/Mince Meat
  • The Go! Team – Huddle Formation – Thunder, Lightning, Strike
  • The Fiery Furnaces – The Wayward Grandaughter – Rehearsing My Choir
  • Brakes – All Night Disco Party – Give Blood
  • The Secret Machines – Nowhere Again – Now Here is Nowhere
  • The Deathray Davies – Clock In Now – The Kick and the Snare
  • Bloc Party – Luno (Bloc Party vs. Death From Above 1979) – Silent Alarm Remixed
  • Franz Ferdinand – This Boy – You Could Have It So Much Better
  • UFOFU – The Thing Of It Is – UFOFU
  • This is the News – Quad Four
  • Radiohead – The Bends – The Bends
  • The Stills – Love + Death – Logic Will Break Your Heart
  • Wake Up. Report. – The Book You Never Read – Record or Record
  • Sun Kil Moon – Convenient Parking – Tiny Cities
  • The Capes – What You Want – Hello Hard
  • Nirvana – Ain’t It a Shame – Sliver: The best of the Box
  • Baboon – Lush Life – We Sing andPlay – self
  • The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Japanese) – unknown
  • Randy Newman – Political Science – Sail Away
  • Matt Pond PA – Several Arrows Later – Several Arrows Later
  • The Old 97s – Timebomb – Too Far To Care

11/8/05 Playlist

November 9, 2005

Playlist for Dividing By Zero Will Get You Nowhere on November 8, 2005:

  • Rogue Wave – Bird On a Wire -Descended Like Vultures
  • Sons and Daughters – Monsters – The Repulsion Box
  • Built to Spill – Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss – Ancient Melodies of the Future
  • Tight Pants Syndrome – Your Buzz is Safe With Me – demo
  • Gorillaz – Dirty Harry – Demon Days
  • Super Furry Animals – Lazer Beam – Love Kraft
  • Sloan – The Rest of My Life – Action Pact
  • Baboon – Crash – Something Good Is Going to Happen To You
  • Bad Religion – Los Angeles Is Burning – The Empire Strikes First
  • The Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven – Sell Out
  • Sun Kil Moon – Grey Ice Water – Tiny Cities
  • Pinback – Hurley – s/t
  • The Decemberists – 16 Military Wives – Picturesque
  • Bagheera – Halted By The Source – Twelves
  • Sufjan Stevens – The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts – Illinois
  • The Gentleman Callers – I’ve Got Mine – Don’t Say What It Is
  • Slobberbone – Sober Song – Crow Pot Pie

Sun Kil Moon – Tiny Cities

November 3, 2005

I LOVE THIS CD. Imagine a band – any band – covering Modest Mouse songs. The songs on this album, in which Sun Kil Moon (aka Mark Kozelek) covers eleven Modest Mouse songs, sound nothing like what you’ve just imagined. Yet, somehow, it sounds exactly like Sun Kil Moon covering Modest Mouse. The only parts of these songs you will probably recognize are the lyrics. The melodies and arrangements have, for the most part, been stripped from these versions. All that’s left are Issac Brock’s elliptical lyrics and Mark Kozelek’s ghostly and atmospheric vocals. By far, the standout of this collection is “Neverending Math Equation”, which is slightly more upbeat and has a hint of hope injected into it via the inclusion of bells and drums. Most of these Modest Mouse songs are older songs, with only one from Good News for People Who Love Bad News – “Ocean Breathes Salty” – and the (almost) title track, “Tiny Cities Made of Ashes”, from The Moon and Antarctica. Other standouts include “Grey Ice Water”, “Dramamine”, and “Convenient Parking”.