In Which I Briefly Review the Republic Tigers Show

November 28, 2008

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I have been way behind on posting. As usual.

Anyway, a little over a week ago I saw Republic Tigers, from Kansas City, play a mid-week show at the Billiken Club. The first band of the evening was a good local band called Grace Basement, a band I had heard of and read a lot about, but had yet to hear or see live. They were very good and I will definitely be checking their CD and trying to catch them again.

The second band, however, was awful. I can’t remember their name and am not going to make any effort to look up what their name was. They were a mix of awful 90’s FM “alternative” rock wannabes. I managed to get this shot of them:

Republic Tigers were great. They mixed electronic atmospferics with guitar rock and in a way that hit all the sweet spots for me. I am not very familiar with their music, but woudl see them again. Unfortunately for me, the show was on a school night and it was getting late, so I headed out before the end of the set. Here a fwe pictures I got of them — the singer definitely reminded me of Bruce McDonald of Kids in the Hall doing a classic 80’s synth-pop singer.

Republic Tigers:

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