From the Vault

August 21, 2008

About 10 years ago, I had a website. It was outstandingly basic and my writing was even less polished and proofread (is that the past tense of proofread?) than it is now. Anyway, during this little hiatus, I figure I’d dig back into the vault and post the first ever show review I did.

Jesus Christ Superfly
3/28/98 – Columbia, Mo – Down Under Bar
I decided to go to this show about 5 minutes before JCSF took the stage, and that was only because I had forgotten they playing due to the fact that I was pretty drunk. For $2, this was damn near the best show for yer dollar that I’ve seen in a long time. This was my first time to see these guys, but I’ve listened to them for a couple of years now. This show was straight up punk rock. Half way through the show, they even asked if they could crash at anyone’s house that night. This trio features two large men on bass and guitar, both of whom share singing duties, and one weird looking skinny drummer. “Big Shit” and “Looking Back at You” were my favorites of the night, but the cover of Motorhead’s song, “Motorhead” was pretty cool. There were about 25 people there, of which only 15 gave a shit about the band, which was a real shame. This was a really good rock’n’roll show. The drummer kept trying to get this one lady who was standing at the front of the stage to show her tits, but she wouldn’t. He kept begging, and she finally lifted her shirt, but not her bra. He eventually stood up and showed his dick in an effort to convince her to return the favor, but it was to no avail. I’m sure the owner probably shit in his pants when that happened, but oh well. It was fun.

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