In Which I Belatedly and Briefly Review the Recent Built to Spill Show

March 27, 2008

So, I saw BTS at The Pageant here in St. Louis two weeks ago. I missed opener Helvetia, but made it in time to see Meat Puppets, who were great. They opened with “Sam”. They played “Plateau”, “Lake of Fire” and “Oh, Me”, and the crowd definitely responded to those. Those and “Backwater”. They really liked that one. They played a full 70-minute set and were really good. They made me kind of mad I didn’t go see them at the Duck Room last fall, despite the fact that I think they veer into ZZ Top-style boogie a little too much.


This was possibly the most enjoyable BTS show I’ve been to, partially due to the fact that it was on a Saturday, and I didn’t have to worry about getting up the next day, and the fact that we had a big group of people and the fact that it was a great song selection. The setlist below is accurate… to the extent an incomplete recollection can be accurate. Doug dedicated “Twin Falls” to his mom, who, oddly enough, happened to be in teh audience. They played Brian Eno’s “Third Uncle” and a new song called “Canada,” which I recall enjoying quite a bit. There was another song I wasn’t familiar with and after “Stab” they played a song that I knew, but cannot recall due to the booze. Maybe it was “Distopian Dream Girl”? The last four songs were great, as the show’s momentum had really built to a peak. “Carry the Zero” is always good to hear live and I much prefer them closing with “Stop the Show” to “Velvet Waltz” or “Untrustable” as they often do.

Three Years Ago Today
In the Morning
Goin Against Your Mind
Third Uncle
Twin Falls
Fly Around My Pretty Little
(I knew it, but forget)
(didn’t know this one)
You Were Right
Big Dipper
Carry The Zero
Stop the Show



  1. no ‘conventional wisdom’? that was the single from ‘you in reverse’….

  2. Well, this was their second time through St. Louis in support of You in Reverse.

  3. yeah, but that doesn’t mean they have to drop it. 🙂

  4. i have to agree, it was an awesome show. i am pretty sure that they did not play distopian dream girl. but i was really drunk, so maybe they did.

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