Headlights CD Release Party at the Billiken Club TONIGHT

March 8, 2008

Headlights are celebrating the release of their most-excellent new CD Some Racing, Some Stopping tonight at the Billiken Club. I saw them at the Hi-Pointe a year or two ago, and was really impressed by their live show. When you head out, be sure to pick up the new CD, especially if you like Grandaddy, Cranberries or even Eels at his most twee. The songs are just pretty. But in a good way. Check out the songs below and make up your own mind. They will be playing with Catfish Haven and Evangelicals, so it’s going to be a great show.

MP3: Headlights – Cherry Tulips
MP3: Headlights – Catch Them All



  1. This was a great evening, despite the low turnout. The Headlights’ set really made me smile – even though a lot of it was in the Death Cab vein of indie rock, they pulled out a lot of surprises. The instrumental number was fantastic!

    Do you have any idea why the Evangelicals went on first? The schedule must have been messed up, but what I did catch was absolutely amazing.

  2. I am guilty of contributing to the low turnout. I would have loved to have gone, but the schedule just didn’t cooperate.

    I hate to say it, but there’s a chance I may not even be able to go to the Holy Fuck show tonight, too.

  3. Yeah, I’m on the fence about the Holy Fuck show tonight as well. On the one hand, it’s a Monday. On the other, it should be a totally kick ass concert, and I think I can hang low at work tomorrow. Hmmm, decisions…

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