Drive-by Truckers at The Pageant this Friday

February 27, 2008

I haven’t had a chance to mention this, but you all should head out to The Pageant this Friday to see Drive-by Truckers with The Felice Brothers. DBT just released a new album, Brighter Than Creation’s Dark, and The Felice Brothers releases their album, The Felice Brothers, next week. DBT always put on a good show, but it will be interesting to see how they play Jason Isbell. I’m sure they do just fine, if this review from Tim at Where The Devil Don’t Stay is any indication.

MP3: Drive-by Truckers – Zip City
MP3: Drive-by Truckers – Puttin’ People On the Moon
MP3: Drive-by Truckers – Loaded Gun In the Closet

Drive-by Truckers – “Lookout Mountain” (live):

Drive-by Truckers – “Where The Devil Don’t Stay” (live):

Drive-by Truckers – “Let There Be Rock” (live):

The Felice Brothers – “Roll on Arte”:

The Felice Brothers – “Her Eyes Dart Around” (live):

The Felice Brothers & Bright Eyes – “Walls” (live Tom Petty cover):



  2. Did you end up making it to this show? It blew my mind.

    Just posted the images and write-up here:

    The more they drank, the better they played.

  3. Good to hear, because I was worried that the feeling that they got better as the night went on was due to the fact that I kept drinking more…

    So, yes, I did go.

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