In Which I Do Not Review Last Week’s Band of Horses Show At All

February 7, 2008

Dividing By Zero contributor AJS, in response to my email inquiry as to how the show went, gave me the following brief, but descriptive, take on the show:

BOH took on the Gargoyle and almost won. They are a great band. Incredible vocals and when they go “classic rock”, they’re completely awesome. “Effigy” was phenomenal. It was, without question, the foulest-smelling show I’ve ever seen.

Tim, author of the new blog Where the Devil Don’t Stay (which features his thoughts on music, politics and sports), repsonded to the same email query with this (read his whole review here):

Andrew and I rolled to BoH in his junior whip with no wiper blades to speak of. That we made it there and back was a miracle.

The venue, as you know, is putrid. No booze, way too hot for most of the show, terrible acoustics. Cass McCombs made a night of slicing your eyeballs seem intriguing.

Band of Horses, in that setting, exceeded my expectations. The lead singer’s voice was amazing as usual. They played about 15-17 songs including a cover of JJ Cale’s “Thirteen Days” and a cover of “Effigy”. They really rock out when they play southern rock, which is pretty amazing because they are good at their own schtick too. Four song encore that did not include “Funeral” (ended the set). I’d give it an 88. I was disappointed in some of the sound quality during the “wooo-ooooo” part of “Funeral” but it wasn’t the band’s fault.

The kids at KWUR’s blog have their review of the show here and A to Z chimes in here.



  1. this is amusing. i wouldve been happy to write a brief review of this show, but I actually kind of like this method too…

  2. were i actually reviewing this show, i would never confuse and mix the senses of smell and sight in the same sentence

  3. haha – that’s bothered me since I posted it

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