February 5, 2008

I sincerely apologize, but I cannot do my show tonight. Don’t get me wrong — I showed up on time, with music in hand, but the station was locked and empty. The code for the door wasn’t working. It was raining. I tried every combination of numbers I could think of, in case it changed when I was in New York last week. I called and emailed other people at the station, and got no responses.

So I left.

I apologize. I swear I will be back next week at 6:30.


One comment

  1. Good lord, that is really unfortunate. The code for the door was changed because people kept telling their friends who weren’t DJs (for some reason). I don’t know what the new code is, but someone will hopefully respond to your email soon– if not, I will find out the new code and tell you what it is.

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