Hum at the Galaxy Club

January 15, 2008

“Wait”, you say, “Hum is no longer together and the Galaxy is no longer open…”

That is the wonder of the Internets, though; I can guide you to this Hum show at the old Galaxy Club on December 29, 2000. I was this close to going to the show. But I didn’t. Hrmph.

Here’s a little sample:
MP3: Hum – Stars (live at the Galaxy Club)

Here’s the setlist:

Disc 1
1. Winder
2. The Pod
3. Ms. Lazarus
4. Green to Me
5. Suicide Machine
6. Iron Clad Lou
7. Afternoon With the Axolotls (abandoned)
8. Afternoon With the Axolotls
9. Inklings
10. Stars
11. Why I Like The Robins
12. Comin’ Home
13. I Hate It Too

Disc 2
1. Shovel
2. I’d Like Your Hair Long



  1. York – I kept hearing Stars in those Cadillac commercials, so I recently revisted both Hum albums and they are still awesome. I hope they are getting a nice royalty on those commercials – the music is effective.

  2. Hey, dude who commented above me who I don’t know, here’s this:

    An article that answers that very question!

  3. this was one of the best shows ever. i also saw them at 313 in bellevegas right before downward is heavenward came out. can’t wait to give it a listen. thanks jeff!

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