Guest List: Eric Enger of Gentleman Auction House

December 30, 2007

Eric Enger, singer, guitarist and songwriter of Gentleman Auction House gives us his Top 20 songs of 2007, with commentary:

my top 20 songs of the year:

#1: “Umbrella” by Rihanna
jesus h.

#2: “Breakin’ Dishes” by Rihanna
how this isn’t a monster single, i have no idea. “i’ma blow dis, blow dis, i’ma blow dis, blow dis house house dowwwwwwnnnn…” oh my god. honestly. sometimes i’m amazed at how overwhelmed i get listening to some of the songs on this record. maybe my girl Janet will get jealous and drop something craaazy in 2008. here’s hoping.

#3: “Knife (Girl Talk Remix)” by Grizzly Bear (but mostly by Girl Talk)
i’ve been waiting for the next great remix for a while, it seems. here it is. ol’ boy NAILED it. too much to fawn over. i won’t spoil it. go get it. i’m sure you’ll guess what my favorite part is.

#4: “Dark Come Soon” by Tegan & Sara
“Everything i love get back for me now….Hold out for the ones you know will love you. Hide out from the ones you know will love you too.” this year was a mother, and this song makes crazy sense to me.

#5: “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.
i will always have an affection for gun shot and cash register sounds in popular music…and Clash samples.

#6: “I Believe” by Simian Mobile Disco
nearly every year someone pumps out a soulful dance song. this one still keeps growing on me more and more. by the time it’s all said and done, i’m pretty sure it will rank way up there with Lo-Fidelity All-Stars’ “Feel What I Feel” in my personal pantheon of feel-good dance songs.

#7: “Atlas” by Battles
i have my own lyric submission based on a glorious word: “he’s a ‘globin, she’s a ‘globin, i’ma ‘globin, you’re a ‘globin…” this song is the ish, and i just wanted to be able to sing along.

#8: “Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood” by Future of the Left
this song cements for me my theory that the phrase “what a guy!” was, in its initial inception, intended to be used only while slowly dripping with the thickest of saracasm. that aside, Future of the Left’s existance stopped my mourning of the late McLusky, from whose sacred ashes this band rose. Thank you Andy Falkous for realizing that the world still needs you. Also, this song is the jam.

#9: “Eddie’s Ragga” by Spoon
the ghosts of Elvis Costello, The Clash and M. Doughty (Soul Coughing) all haunt this song as it slinks down the dark stairs of a house that is as sexy as it is creepy. and that’s a good thing.

#10: “Lemme Get That” by Rihanna
my third pick off of my favorite record of the year. the highlights of this record are so good that they some how manage to overcome those unfortunate acoustic guitar-driven bombs. “keep my sheet in knots…” grrrr. somewhere in the back of my head is a vision where i meet Rihanna during of the best game of spin-the-bottle EVER.

#11: “Your Arms Around Me” by Jens Lekman
i never wanted to like Jens Lekman, and then this record happened. pretty great stuff, lyrically in the Morrissey “well, why NOT say that?” vein. this song and “Into Eternity” are both pretty stellar mixtape fare, i think. jump on it.

#12: “Stronger” by Kanye West
his SNL performance of this was ridiculous. mf owned it. now if only the snare was louder…thank you radio compression!

#13: “Cassius Clay” by Jon Hardy & The Public
best song out of st. louis this year, and probably better than a lot of songs out of anywhere this year. makes you fall in love and then look around to figure out with who. it’s a killer.

#14: “Into the Storm/Out to the Sea” by the Hibernauts
2nd best song out of st. louis this year, and from my favorite st. louis band (and just one of my favorite bands period). this song showcases everything i love about them. and the coda fiends strike hard. and Tom MCA”s so effing precious: “So come now, ’cause this you won’t believe…” that’s it, i’m calling Tom right now to tell him just HOW effing precious he is.

#15: “Bubbles” by Dizzee Rascal
thank god Dizzee came back with a great record. i was getting worried. i feel like i have a secret gold chain in my pocket when i’m listening to this (LOUD).

#16: “So Sorry” by Feist
a heartbreaker. when i first heard it i thought i was part of the conversation.

#17: “Buy/Sell/Trade” by Foundry Field Recordings
a personal sleeper hit by our labelmates. i was obsessed with this song for a good two months and tried to play it for anyone i could. nothing obviously brilliant about it, it reveals itself on repeated listens. a great windows-down driving rock song with one of my favorite melodies this year. love it.

#18: “My Favorite Book” by Stars
i’m a notorious sucker for romantic comedies, and this song sounds like one. like many of my favorite romantic comedies, i probably shouldn’t like it, but i do. if i was making a mixtape for a certain someone, this would have to be on it, on it. kryptonite, anyone?

#19: “Huff Singers (North Philly)” by Birdie Busch
i want desperately to be relaxing on the porch where this song exists. “Sing me something heavy that in the end it doesn’t take up space.” amen.

#20: “Give It To Me” by Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake
“If s-sexy never left then why’s everybody on my sh-i-it?” …in which JT poses the best question of the year. i’ve loved timbaland for a decade plus, and in my book JT can do no wr-o-ong.

Honorable Mention:
“Future Baby Mama” by Prince
the record was no “3121” as i had hoped, but holy hell he’s still got it. and did you SEE his Super Bowl halftime performance this year? lordy. head to your neighborhood YouTube and get your rocks off.

surely i missed something that i will slap myself for later, but these are 20 of my favorite jamz, etc. of 2007. in a year marked by disappointing full lengths by some of my favorite artists, there was still a lot of stuff to still be excited about. bingo!


  1. one time at a stoplight, i actually unbuckled my seatbelt, got outta the car and ran to the car behind me, which was Molly’s, and handed her ‘In Our Bedroom After The War’ and said play track four

    lest, she wasn’t surprised when “My Favourite Book” ended up on her year end mix disc, but needless to say it was my own way of re-enacting that scene in Love Actually where The Prime Minister {Hugh Grant} goes door to door to find Natalie {Martine McCutcheon}

    here’s to being in a band with chick-flick loving maniacs!

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