Explosions in the Sky at The Pageant

December 8, 2007

HOLE LEE SHIT NUT, A to Z is reporting that Explosions in the Sky have confirmed a show at The Pageant. No details, but check in with A to Z for updates. Is it just me, or does that seem like an outrageously large venue for a band that, by all accounts, has no track record in St. Louis and still, for all of their awesomeness, exists on the periphery of the popular music landscape? As far as I’m aware, they have not played a show in St. Louis since all of their big Friday Night Lights exposure. I would think Off Broadway would be way more appropriate….

…or maybe they’re opening for another band, which would be pretty cool since any band willing to have them open is bound to be pretty cool.

Explosions in the Sky – Welcome, Ghosts
Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine
Explosions in the Sky – A Song For Our Fathers

Explosions in the Sky – “The Birth and Death of The Day” (live):

Explosions in the Sky – “Great Death” (live):

Explosions in the Sky – “First Breath After Coma” (live):

Explosions in the Sky – “The Only Moment We Were Alone” (live):

Explosions in the Sky – “Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean” (live):


One comment

  1. it’s a headline show. no openers yet.

    and you might be surprised, as you said, the friday night lights exposure. don’t forget sigur ros was way sold-out here.

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