Mystery Mix Monday

December 4, 2007

Well, I’ve made it through 20 Mystery Mixes, which is kind of crazy to me, considering how ADD I am. My idea all along was to never repeat an artist in order to keep things interesting and to prevent me from settling into my musical comfort zones. This strategy has worked well; through 20 weeks, I have featured 165 songs by 164 DIFFERENT BANDS (!)… I accidentally repeated Wilco once. But after five months, I think it’s OK for me to loosen up this rule. As anyone who has followed these mixes knows, I follow a rough pattern in putting the mixes together — the first couple songs are spanking new songs, in the middle I will feature some older, perhaps “classic” songs and I will usually end with a relatively modern (but not always) long song. The first reason for this change in policy is winter time is a slow time for new music, so I would really be stretching to include new songs that are good or that I like. Second, some of the bands that I used for the “older songs” are now releasing new material and I would hate to not include some great new songs because I had previously included a song by that band.

Not that any of you care about all of this, so, here’s Vol. 21:


Here’s last week’s playlist:

Vol. 20:

1. The Little Penguins – Say It Once
2. Stars – The Ghost of Genova Heights
3. The Finns – Superstar Suicide
4. The Livers – Sinking Feeling
5. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – I’m Loving the Street
6. Mike Watt – I’m Burning For You
7. Shame Club – I Ain’t Surprised
8. The Dismemberment Plan – The Ice of Boston
9. Battles – Tonto


One comment

  1. the livers rule. seen their live show? it seriously kicks ass… in a funny and kick ass kind of way

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