Head of Femur, Jon Hardy & The Public and Walkie Talkie USA

October 25, 2007

There is a great show at The Bluebird tonight featuring Head of Femur, from Chicago, and St. Louis’ very own Jon Hardy & The Public and Walkie Talke USA. Head of Femur plays catchy indie pop with some strands of psychedelia fuzz and brit pop harmonies thrown in for good measure. Walkie Talkie USA plays down and dirty buzzsaw rock and features veterans of the St. Louis music scene.

Jon Hardy & The Public just released an excellent album called Working in Love, and I have been listening to it nonstop for two weeks. The band has been described as alt-country, but their use of horms, xylophones and shimmering guitars makes them far more than that. The sound exists somewhere between Magnolia Electric Co. and Doves, and singer Jon Hardy’s voice evokes Brent Best, Rufus Wainwright and a reverb-less Jim james. You should definitely check them out.

Head of Femur – Leader and the Falcon
Head of Femur – Curve That Byrd
Head of Femur – Elliott Gould Is In California Split
Jon Hardy & The Public – Love Gone Wrong
Jon Hardy & The Public – Cassius Clay
Walkie Talkie USA – Devil’s Dog


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