Grovefest 2

September 15, 2007

Grovefest 2 is happening this weekend along the stretch of Manchester Road between Sarah and Boyle known as The Grove. There’s all sorts of cool stuff going on, including performances by a bunch of great local bands. It’s a two day event. Once again (like last year) they don’t really provide much information as to when any of the bands are playing (or even which day they’re playing), but here are some the bands lined up to play:

Left Arm
Walkie Talkie U.S.A.
Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship
Caleb Travers + Big City Lights
The Museum Mutters
Rough Shop
Melody Den



  1. Here’s the band schedule:

    Saturday, 9/15

    Miller Lite Stage (Manchester & Kentucky Ave.)

    3:00-3:45 – Scott Kay & The Continentals
    4:30-5:15 – Kentucky Knife Fight
    6:00-6:45 – Left Arm
    7:30-8:15 – Bunnygrunt
    9:00-9:45 – Gumbohead
    10:15-11:00 – Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocketship

    Miller Chill Stage (Manchester & Talmage Ave.)

    5:15-6:00 – DJ Akita
    6:45-7:30 – Walkie Talkie U.S.A.
    8:15-9:00 – Grace Basement
    9:45-10:30 – Via Dove
    10:30-11:15 – Long John Thomas and the Duffs

    Sunday, 9/16

    Miller Lite Stage

    Noon-12:45 – Kip Loui and Jennifer Jones
    1:30-2:15 – Brett Daniels
    3:00-3:45 – Museum Mutters
    4:30-5:15 – Melody Den

    Miller Chill Stage

    12:45-1:30 – DJ Doug Morgan
    2:15-3:00 – Caleb Travers & The Big City Lights
    3:45- 4:30 – Psychotronics
    5:15-6:00 – Rough Shop

  2. Thanks!

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