An Under Cover Weekend, Night 2

September 12, 2007

So after a first night that blew away all of my expectations, I made it back to Off Broadway last Saturday for Night 2 of An Under Cover Weekend. Unfortunately, I missed Fattback’s take on The Cars, but I heard was great. Bad Blogger, Bad. (I apologize that the video from this night wasn’t of that good quality…) Be sure to check out my review of Night 1 here.

Fortunately, I was able to catch all of The Feed’s outstandingly awesome set as The Clash. The Feed was the one band playing this weekend that I had never heard before. The band is a trio: a drummer, piano player and sax player/bassist. They tore through a great, great set of The Clash’s best songs, including “London Calling”, “Rock the Casbah”, “Complete Control”, “The Magnificent 7”, and “Train in Vain” (with Mike Tomko on guitar). The drummer was crazy good, and the piano player was rocking out guitar solos on his Rhodes… perfectly. It was the set of the night.

The Feed as The Clash:








Ghost in Light was up next with their intense and moody Cure set. They definitely stayed away from the “hits” (with one or two exceptions) and played to the multitude of “true” Cure fans in attendance. It was yet another great set from this weekend.

Ghost in Light as the Cure:





We went from Goth to New Wave pretty quickly when The Bureau came up with a tight set of Duran Duran songs. They started off with “Girls on Film” and, of course, rocked out to “Rio” and “Hungry Like a Wolf.”

The Bureau as Duran Duran:




7 Shot Screamers finished out the night with a sloppy set of Ringo-fronted Beatles songs… But no Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da… Hmmm. Despite this glaring omission, it was actually a great set, minus the overlong breaks between songs. You also got the feeling that guitarist Deano Sabella really wantd to be covering Black Sabbath…

7 Shot Screamers as the Beatles:





Read Annie Zaleski’s re-cap of Night 2 HERE.

OMG!!!! It’s Simon LeBon at The Clash show!!!!


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