Mystery Mix Monday

July 23, 2007

It’s time for another insatllation of Mystery Mix Monday, when I provide you with a mix, or a podcast if you’re nasty, of 6-10 songs for you to listen to on your computer at home or your iPod (or other preferred listening device) while you are on your way to school or work or jail…


Here’s last week’s tracklisting:

Vol. 2
1. Okkervil River – Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe
2. Bishop Allen – Middle Management
3. The New Pornographers – Myriad Harbour
4. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Phantom of the Opera Song
5. Witch’s Hat – Huzzah
6. Habitual Sex Offenders – The Monstat Seven
7. The Tubeway Army – O.D. Receiver
8. Interpol – Obstacle 1
9. Television – Marquee Moon

* Thanks to Joe Stumble at Last Days of Man on Earth for turning me on to the Gary Neuman-led Tubeway Army…

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