The Hibernauts CD Release Party

July 20, 2007

There is a great show this Saturday at Off Broadway, featuring The Hibernauts, Gentleman Auction House and Foundry Field Recordings. The show serves as the CD release party for The Hibernauts’ new CD, Periodic Fable. You can read a big write-up on The Hibernauts in the Riverfront Times here (and read the outtakes from the interview here). I have included an mp3 of “Into the Storm/Out to the Sea”, which is from the new album and is, if I may say so myself, an outstanding advancement from their previous album. The song bursts with energy and excitement and has me wishing I wasn’t going on a float trip this weekend so I could actually attend the show. I have yet to see The Hibernauts live, but have only heard great things. You all are well aware of my love for Gentleman Auction House, and Foundry Field Recordings are one of Missouri’s best-kept (unfortunately) secrets.

The Hibernauts – Into the Storm/Out to the Sea (via yousendit)
Gentleman Auction House – A Hospital or Heaven (via yousendit)
Foundry Field Recordings – Caribou (Pixies cover) (via yousendit)
Foundry Field Recordings – Beneath The Winter Frames (via yousendit)
Foundry Field Recordings = Buy/Sell/Trade
Foundry Field Recordings – Daryl Loves Vicki

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