Last Dance at Mississippi Nights

January 20, 2007

Well, I am not at the last night at Mississippi Nights tonight, and I guess that makes me a bad aficionado and advocate of the local music scene. Be sure to check in with Annie Z tomorrow at the Riverfront Times Blog for her review of the night. In the meantime, download and enjoy these great shows from Mississippi Nights’ past…

My Morning Jacket – 11/22/05
1. Wordless Chorus
2. It Beats For You
3. One Big Holiday
4. The Way He Sings
5. Golden
6. Bear
7. Lay Low
8. What a Wonderful Man
9. Off The Record
10. Donadante
11. Run Thru
12. At Dawn
13. Dark
14. O is The One That Is Real
15. Anytime

Camper Van Beethoven – 10/12/89
1. Steve Pick Intro
2. Flowers
3. O Death
4. Sweethearts
5. Tania
6. Chris station ID
7. Eye Of Fatima
8. When I Win The Lottery
10. Joe Stalin’s Cadillac
11. (I Was So) Wasted
12. Take The Skinheads Bowling
13. One Of These Days
14. Morgan station ID
15. Turquoise Jewelry
16. SP37957 Medley
17. Before I Met You
18. David station ID
19. Opening Theme
20. All Her Favorite Fruit
21. Good Guys & Bad Guys
22. Seven Languages
24. Waka
25. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
26. Life Is Grand
27. David station ID
28. ZZ Top Goes To Egypt
29. Sweet Virginia
30. Loser
31. Act Naturally


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