Brain Regiment

January 10, 2007

Brain Regiment, a local band that has consistently been playing shows in the region for the past three or four years, has decided to call it quits. The band’s take on alt-country/roots rock has a definite — for lack of a better term — psychedelic feel to it that is shaped by singer, songwriter, and vocalist Corey Saathoff’s rough-hued lyricism and guitarist Jack Jacobson’s fluid and effects-laden leads, both of which combine to form songs that stick with you as much as they resonate with you.

Here’s what the band has to say about the end:

Greetings one and all… Brain Regiment wishes you a Happy 2007. We are wrapping up a new CD of tunes to get out to you this spring, so stay tuned for that.

On a down note, Brain Regiment will only be playing a handful of shows before calling it quits. While some of the band’s members will undoubtedly join together for something new later this year, the final chapter of the band you know and love will be written with a “CD Release/Farewell Show” somewhere in St. Louis during late March… until that as-yet-unconfirmed date, [there are] three remaining full band shows for the mighty Brain Regiment. It’s been fun.

Brain Regiment’s second- and third-to-last shows are as follows (the final show will be in March):

Friday, Jan. 12 @ TEN MILE HOUSE
(9420 Gravois Rd., Affton, MO)
Brain Regiment w/ other act TBA
Music at 10 pm

Friday, Jan. 19 @ LEMMONS
(5800 Gravois, St. Louis, MO)
Brain Regiment w/ other act TBA
Music at 10 pm

MP3’s (via yousendit):
Brain Regiment – Wrong Headline (from their forthcoming EP)
Brain Regiment – Full Speed Lobotomy
Brain Regiment – You Throw Satellites

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