Elf Power

September 13, 2006

Athens, Georgia’s Elf Power are playing at Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room this Friday, September 15. Formed more than 10 years ago, Elf Power may not necessarily one of the better known bands to emerge from the Elephant 6 collective of bands, but certainly is as good as and writes as melodic and catchy songs as anything put out by Of Motreal, Apples in Stereo, or Beulah. I have it on good word that they put on a great live show, too, in which they are known to throw in a healthy dose of covers – but don’t come in looking for a Gnarls Barkley or Prince cover (as you might hear at, say,an Of Montreal show) or some other ironic statement on pop culture; their 2002 covers-only album, Nothing’s Going to Happen, featured songs by punk, new wave, and psychadelic stalwarts such as Hüsker Dü, Bad Brains, The Buzzcocks, The Misfits, The Frogs, Gary Numan, Chris Knox, and Roky Erickson. Their eighth album, Back to the Web, was released by Rykodisc in April of this year.

Elf Power – Never Believe
Elf Power – An Old Familiar Scene
Elf Power – Evil Eye



  1. Swa them in Dallas during their Spring tour (?). Good times.

  2. Saw them with Wilco a few years ago and was disappointed. Got a chance to see them in St Augustine on Sunday and was still disappointed. Love the records, but they don’t do it for me live.

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