Tilly and The Wall

July 18, 2006

Sometimes it seems like I can never say ‘no’ to going to a show, but, tonight, I did not go see Tilly and The Wall with Now It’s Overhead at the Creepy Crawl. Now, the problem is, I didn’t even tell you about it. And that’s because I just realized they were playing today. I have failed you and I apologize. I am sure it would have been a good show, but I was just too busy. They have a tap-dancer, for God’s sake. Right up my alley. Here’s some songs:

Tilly and The Wall – Bad Education
Now It’s Overhead – Wait In a Line

Here’s a picture from the show at the Creepy Crawl:
(Thanks to Glodeck for the photo)

One comment

  1. The show was great. I’ve never been to a show where I left feeling so completely happy. There’s something about this band. It’s the group collective. It’s the tap dancing. Maybe it’s just that the women are babes. Whatever it is I am looking forward to their return once again to STL.

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