Pegasus Now

May 29, 2006

As you may or may not know, I spent my high school years and the summers of my college years in Dallas. Specifically, most of the 90’s. I was way into Dallas music then. As a matter of fact, I still regularly listen to CDs of those bands. But then I moved (back) to Missouri and kind of stopped knowing who the new bands in Dallas were.

So, with that background, I hit up myspace and did a search by zip code to find some new music from Dallas. The Theater Fire and The Happy Bullets had been getting some serious blog props and The Deathray Davies and Centro-matic (two of my favorite bands, period) were, of course, already well known to the indie-rock crowd, but I was looking for a band I had never even heard of. It was then that I stumbled upon Pegasus Now. They play indie-rock that, at times, seems to have a bit of a jazz bent to it. It looks like they primarily are playing shows only in Texas, but, with any luck, they’ll break out of the Lone Star State and grace us midwesteners with their presence, too. Here are some Pegasus Now songs for you:

Pegasus Now – Kitty and Pup
Pegasus Now – Spiders Walk
Pegasus Now – Lullaby of Fortunes

So, as I was going through this, I decided it might be fun to post about all my favorite Dallas bands of the 90’s. I’ll do a different post for each band and put up a couple mp3’s. I’ll have to come up with a title or something, and this is the first time I will have done any sort of theme-posting, so I can’t promise anything, but it should be fun.


On a different note, the dios (malos) show last night was cancelled. Boo.

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