Diamond Nights live

March 31, 2006

Diamond Nights
March 27, 2006 – The Gargoyle

I think I finally figured out the difference between Diamond Nights and The Darkness — the choruses. The Darkness writes hella choruses. Magnificent and soaring. Diamond Nights on the other hand, write great bridges, packed with accelerating tension and anticipation, but once the chorus arrives, they don’t kick it up a notch – they bring it back down, playing it calm with a sly smile. On one hand, it’s frustrating, but on the other, if you are in the right mood (and I haven’t quite pinpointed what mood that is), there is a certain coolness and satisfaction to it. This revelation came to me hen I saw Diamond Nights play at Wash U’s Gargoyle on Monday, March 27, 2006. They were sandwiched between an awful emo/screamo/crappy band (My American Heart) and a passable, far less annoying emo band (Head Automatica). It seemed like an incredibly odd billing. Singer Morgan Phalen
seemed (understandably) skeptical of the crowd when the show started, but it became obvious that there was a definite contingent in the crowd there specifically to see Diamond Nights (stage right). However, there was also a significant part of the crowd that clearly did not “get” the band and its Thin Lizzy-isms (stage left). As the crowd warmed up, the band got more and more into the performance, with Phalen making his way into the crowd by the end of the set. They played through all the highlights of their latest album, including “The Girl’s Attractive,” “Saturday Fantastic,” and “”Diamond Destination.” They dedicated the song “Dirty Thief” to the “dirty, dirty girls” at a “dirty club in the middle of the woods on the East Side” that they visited the last time they were in town, lamenting the fact that they did not leave a bread crumb trail so they could find their way back this time around. By the end of the set the crowd was enthusiastic despite the idiot that yelled “Head Automatica” at a quiet moment at the end of the show, when the band and the crowd were clearly clicking. Oh well…

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