The Deathray Davies

February 28, 2006

The Deathray Davies are a criminally unknown indie pop band from Dallas, Texas, that have been consistently putting out hook-heavy, high energy rock albums for seven years. Last year’s The Kick and the Snare was one of the best of the year and one that critics and bloggers raved about, but, for reasons unknown to me, went under the general population’s radar. The album, along with 1999’s Drink With the Grown-Ups and Listen to the Jazz, 2000’s The Return of the Drunken Ventriloquist, 2002’s The Day of the Ray, and 2004’s Midnight at teh Black Nail Polish Factory, should have put the band in the same ranks as The Shins, Foutains of Wayne, and The New Pornographers. The band draws equally from Guided by Voices and The Kinks. They haven’t played in St. Louis in three and a half years (they played at the Hi-Pointe with Centro-matic), but here’s to hoping they come back soon.

Here are two songs – “The Fall Fashions” (gotta love the horns!) and “Plan to Stay Awake” (new-wave rave up).

The Deathray Davies – The Fall Fashions
The Deathray Davies – Plan To Stay Awake



  1. Burping’s from slurping the carbon dioxide in sugar water
    Sodalicious yet less nutritious than a booger snotter
    Gas burps from fast slurps and come back in blast
    Chirps through the esophagus
    It smells like a sarcophagus
    Chewing gum swallows air and straws add air too
    Did big bro ever burp shotgunning homebrew?
    Too much makes you puke and so does flu
    Purging’s great
    Never urge a date to regurgitate
    Farting’s from digesting gas in the intestines
    When gas spurts my ass hurts and blows back my grass skirts and

    Don’t be disheartened if you fart in a crowd
    Silent but deadly
    The cloud wasn’t loud
    If you got more gas than Gulf I’d cull fried foods or else emit
    Pass me a charcoal pill
    Scratch that
    Give me that thar whole grill ‘Coming at you mate!’
    You flatulate the gas that you ate
    It’s really just doody in vaporous form
    Mine is so fresh the paper is warm
    I took a peek in my dookareeka and found a lentil a diamond and

  2. You come over here, burping and farting… I suppose I asked for it…

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