Bishop Allen

February 22, 2006

Bishop Allen has a new EP out, called January. They plan on releasing a new EP on the last day of every month this year (I like the way the math works out on that – 48 or so new BA tracks this year!). You can only get the EP by ordering it from their website. They only pressed 1000 and over half of them have sold already. The coolest thing about the EP is the packaging and artwork – one side of the CD sleeve is your address, which has been handwritten by one of the band members. One of the most unique bits of album artwork I have seen. There are four tracks, three of which are fairly subdued, acoustic ballads. I am loving all the DFW references in “The Bullet & Big D”… Here is one song from the new EP (“Corazon”) and another from their first album, Charm School (“Things Are What You Make Of Them”).

Bishop Allen – Corazon
Bishop Allen – Things Are What You Make of Them

I first discovered Bishop Allen three years ago, when I randomly grabbed their debut CD, Charm School, off the shelf at the radio station to write the blurb that we put on the CDs so other DJs know what any given CD sounds like. I grabbed it solely because the artwork seemed fairly DYI (despite the dreamy indie pose pictures…). I was blown away. Then they came through St. Louis and played at The Rocket Bar and I, of course, grabbed a bunch friends and made them come with me. Everyone was blown away. They threw out a solid cover of “Psycho Killer”. I can only hope to see them in St. Louis again this spring or fall…

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