I am a Shit

October 25, 2005

I’ve been a shit about posting reviews of shows I’ve seen this fall, which was one of the main impetuses (impetusi?) for starting this damn thing.

I’ve not posted about Built to Spill (AWESOME – great cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps), Doves (great show at the Pageant), The New Pornographers (Best show of the fall – check them out on this tour, if you can, while all the members are touring. I love Neko), or the Fruit Bats/Rogue Wave show (Fruit Bats were great – I will see them again without question. Live, they reminded me of The Shins way more than they ever have before – which was almost never. Rogue Wave was a little disappointing). I missed The Decemberists show, which I am still kicking myself for, but I was just TOO tired and it was on a Sunday night. I also missed Sufjan Stevens in favor of Fruit Bats/Rogue Wave – it was a tough call, but I worked very late that night and I work in Clayton. FB/RW was at the Duck Room, and SS was at Mississippi Nights – it was a practical consideration.

I am seeing DeVotchka and The Dresden Dolls on Friday in New York. Woo. Then, on Halloween, I have to make a decision – GWAR or Busta Rhymes… I’m thinking GWAR.

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