Short thoughts

October 24, 2005

So I just got the Hockey Night CD – I know, I know – where have been, right? Anyway, I really like it, despite the fact it sounds exactly like a lost Pavement record. Which is a good thing, even though I can’t really sit through an entire Pavement CD. There are some good tracks on here.

I am REALLY liking the new Broken Social Scene. Brilliant. On the whole, I think it is a better album than You Forgot It In People, although there’s no “Cause=Time” or “Almost Crimes”, it’s an overall better album. I never really listened past “Cause=Time” on You Forgot It In People, even though “Lover’s Spit” is a great song. But who knows – “7/4 (Shorelines)” and “Fire Eye’d Boy” may make their way into my great-f’ing-song category after a few more listens.

Franz Fucking Ferdinand. They somehow improved on their first record. I like this from beginning to end. Who knew I would like them just as much when they slowed things down, like on “Eleanor, Put Your Boots Back On.” And who cares that “The Fallen” is basically “Summer in the City”and “I’m Your Villain” completely takes the riff of “Teenage Kicks” (it’s an homage -right???) and sticks it right in the middle of the song like an Eddie Van Halen solo in the middle of a VH song – these songs all rule.

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